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grünen Wasserstoff kaufen; Buy green hydrogen
buy green hydrogen through the H2 Network, grünen Wasserstoff kaufen oder verkaufen

Forget about fossil hydrogen, because to buy green hydrogen is cheaper and better for the environment. By becoming a member of the volks-electrolyzer community, hydrogen users and producers are connected.

Maybe you have a house with a lot of solar and your neighbour loves fancy muscle cars, while he lives in an apartment. As soon as he refits his gasoline car to hydrogen you can sell him the

carbon free energy

Buy green hydrogen

on this platform you can buy green hydrogen for non-industrial application.
VE is provider of sustainable technical gazes or green hydrogen only from renewable energies. The h2 gas from sun and wind is sold in bottles and can fuel hydrogen cars or fuel cells.

These ones who proudly buy green hydrogen can use it for

• Hydrogen for fuel cells

• Hydrogen for camping gas

• Hydrogen for cooking

• Hydrogen for heating

• Hydrogen for catalytic combustion

• Hydrogen for glass melts

• Hydrogen for glass blowing

• Hydrogen for hydrogen burners

• Hydrogen for metal processing

• Hydrogen forging

• Hydrogen for locksmiths

• Hydrogen for welding

• Hydrogen for heat treatment

• Hydrogen as an inert gas component

• Hydrogen for cutting

Hydrogen for cutting torches

• Hydrogen as fuel

• green hydrogen for cooking fat

• green hydrogen food industry

• green hydrogen for sugar alcohol

• Green hydrogen propellant

• Packing gas green hydrogen

• green hydrogen as balloon gas

• green hydrogen for the private hydrogen filling station

• green hydrogen for sale

• green hydrogen as seasonal storage

• Hydrogen storage without batteries

• green hydrogen to produce ammonia

• green hydrogen as fuel gas for quartz glass processing

• Rocket fuel, fuel for hydrogen vehicles

• Carrier gas in gas chromatographs

• the hydrogen filling station for the home

• green hydrogen to harden vegetable fat

Sell green hydrogen

You can sell green hydrogen throughout the volks-electrolyzer community.
The change from fossil fuels to hydrogen need big investment at the beginning.

6 Steps to hydrogen economy

How to become energy independent in 6 easy steps

  1. first of all you need space
    1. rented ground
    2. or privatly owned real estate
  2. You need renewable energy
    1. either for hydrogen from photovoltaics
    2. or for hydrogen from wind energy
  3. Batteries or any kind of short term energy storage
  4. The Electrolyzer is the key component
    1. which fills you hydrogen cylinder bundles
    2. or hydrogen trailers
  5. Once you get locked to a serious hydrogen production. The tendency is, to pusch it as far as you can
    1. with the passive income by selling the self made hydrogen, you can enlarge your hydrogen storage.
  6. Hydrogen appliances
    1. hydrogen car
      1. Fuel cell Car
      2. hydrogen converted combustion car
    2. fuel cell to
      1. produce your own electricity in times where renewables are rare
      2. heat a small space
    3. if you have a gas boiler you can mix up to 20 green hydrogen in the natural gas system, thus reduce your energy bill and heat the entire house
    4. there are catalytic burners in development as hydrogen heating systems

and than the cycle of enlarging your renewables repeats

Obi Van Kinobi

The careful reader will ask himself, why the hydrogen production should be made before investing in the hydrogen appliances.
Our consumption is increadibly high and our production mostly limited by unshaded land or capital.

We belief the smaller you break the investment cycles, the faster and better you’ll get there.