Prices for Hydrogen Systems

Many times our customers asked us about total invest for Hydrogen Systems for different appliances, such as Hydrogen Heating, Hydrogen Electricity and Hydrogen as technical Gas. Therefor we designed Hydrogen System to calculate the costs.

Always expected that renewable energies are available in an abundance to make hydrogen in peak times.

The prices for hydrogen systems are calculated from the hydrogen price list and are a summ of all the necessary components to make H2 gas and use hydrogen. We started the hydrogen pricelist in 2019 and went through many difficult inquiry. The offers for hydrogen component were sorted in a comparable way in an excel sheet. Prices for plug and play hydrogen systems have been approved with existing plans. Prices for hydrogen systems should help photovoltaic array owners to store and use surplus energy on a long term.

All prices for the complet hydrogen systems are without VAT, without delivery nor assembly and implementation.

Alle Preise für die kompletten Wasserstoffspeicher sind Netto und ohne Lieferung, geschweige denn Montage und Inbetriebnahme.

Wozu dient Wasserstoff
Photovoltaik Wasserstoffheizung, Wasserstofftankstelle, Oder Wasserstoff Stromgenerator H2 BHKW

Gasheating with hydrogen

Add Hydrogen to your natural gas burner to lower the gas bill with 20 % homemade hydrogen

  • New Gas Boilers are mostly hydrogen ready

Hydrogen CHP, H2 combined heat and power

Blend up to 30 % pure hydrogen to the Gas CHP

  • Electricity and heat with hydrogen

Verbrenner umrüsten
H2 Gas Umrüstung

Hydrogen Wallbox, Fast charger

Fuel hydrogen vehicle with your own hydrogen refueling station

  • Run your classic car on hydrogen
  • forklift run on hydrogen in logistics

Sell Hydrogen or reduce technical gas consumption

Hydrogen Bottling plant for hydrogen gas

  • reduce expenses on technical gas
  • reach high revenue by selling technical gas
  • deliver hydrogen to nearby industries
Wasserstoffflasche, Wasserstoffbündel, Energiedichten Wasserstoffbehälter
Größen, Volumina und Energiegehalt von Wasserstoff in Druckgasbehältern

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