Buy your private electrolyzer

nice, you want to become independent with a private electrolyzer. Welcome to hydrogen economy.
Please fill out the following form. The production process takes about one year. We will send you a letter with the bill for your order after you send your order.


    please consider customs costs might vary

    1* Volks-Electrolyzer Heat____________________28,000 USD
    + Shipping______________________________________1,000 USD
    + customs______________________________________might vary

    Sum___________________________________________29,000 USD

    private electrolyzer with fueling nozzle
    refuel at home

    Write your wishes in the comments

    Thanks for being part of a more sustainable and independent futur

    For whom is a private electrolyzer

    A private electrolyzer is for those who want to pay less for grid energy or live totally off grid.

    Wir bieten 200 € Nachlass für jeden Beitrag in den sozialen Netzwerken mit mehr als 100 Ansichten über den Volks-Elektrolyseur. Verlinken Sie uns dazu einfach mit dem Beitrag.

    We offer 200 $ Discount for every post on social media with more than 100 views about the Volks-Electrolyzer. Just link us to the post.

    Nous offrons 200 € de remise pour tout post générant 100 vues sur Volks-Electrolyzer. Il suffit de nous relier à votre post.

    and check electrolyzer cost of more than 20 hydrogen manufacturers to see our best value

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