high quality electrolyzer models which come as a kit from Germany

Here you find long lasting and reliable high quality electrolyzer or hydrogen generators which should produce green hydrogen from renewable Energies 40.000 h. Compare our three models. You find the electrolyzer prices in the members area. If you want to see how easy it is to mount, watch the tutorial.

what is included in the electrolyzer kits?

Other than typical electrolyzer manufacturers, we provide fully functional models. The stand alone unit produces hydrogen if all ports are connected. In our electrolyzer price tags the hydrogen drying, the water supply, the water treatment, the gas cooling, gas drying and the hydrogen pressurizing are included. Please do not compare our prices with electrolyzer manufacturers who sell modules in racks, where you need to purchase water tank, water treatment, hydrogen drying and compression separately.
The VOLKS-ELECTROLYZER ist ready to go if you provide the hydrogen storage tanks, regenerative energy and water. Please be aware that you need an regular air compressor with less than 9 bar for the VE Heat and VE 750.

30 Bar

high quality electrolyzer
VE Space 30 bar

This hydrogen generator is best in places where space doesn’t matter. The right 30 bar hydrogen storage tank should be available in your region. Of corse it is possible to reduce the pressure. For hydrogen heating application the Volks-Electrolyzer is perfect because no high pressure is required.

Also if you want to run a multifuel generator on hydrogen instead of natural gas this is a perfect option to have free electricity from long term stored renewable energies

The electrolyzer can directly be fed from photovoltaics or through 12 V Batteries.

300 Bar

VE HEAT 300 bar

This tiny hydrogen fuel station is our best product, because it can fill 300 bar or 4000 PSI hydrogen cylinders. These pressure tanks can be used for either mobile or stationary application.

You can easily run a CNG car with this hydrogen fuel station. It doesn’t give you the same range, but you can refuel your car for free.

3 kW

Fuhrpark auf Wasserstoffumrüsten
Electrolyzer 3000 W

This home hydrogen fuel station is ideal for those who have large solar arrays and fuel cell vehicles.

The 48 Volt Electrolyzer produces a lot of hydrogen for long distance drivers. Also businesses how have a hydrogen vehicle fleet can use this private hydrogen refueling station.

Like all our gas generators the high quality PEM Electrolyzer with iridium catalyst runs on tap water and comes all-inclusive with water deionization. The heat of 70°C can be used for warm water.

Solar Panels, a battery, an electrolzer and you can make hydrogen
How to make hydrogen

Why should you buy a high quality electrolyzer?

Quality hydrogen products fit best to people who like quality rather than cheap prices. Our hydrogen components are valuable. We want to come-back to good old values, where mashines are strong and last long. The effort to always buy new cheap products and to get rid of them after their short lifetime is bigger than a proper investment on noble materials like

  • iridium (one of the priciest noble metals on earth)
  • platinum
  • titanium
  • 316l stainless stell

The value of these metals only rose in the last centuries, so will the value of the VOLKS-ELECTROLYZER rise.

buy electrolyser
Buy electrolyzer, Elektrolyseur kaufen, acheter un électrolyseur

Cheap or high quality electrolyzer

China made us loose our skills by producing things cheap. Mostly we decide to buy the cheapest. Many times we had to through this stuff away quickly and were constantly buying and discarding stuff. Things are expensive because the workers are fairly paid, no money is saved on materials and the manufacturer delivers few but good quality products. The VOLKS-ELECTROLYZER is one of these products. That doesn’t mean it can’t fail or is perfect in any sense.

it is made with good intentiones

from happy people, for happy people

Thanks to our DIY Kit approach we are even quite compatible with cheap and partly poisonous AEM electrolyzers. To save money on catalysts the AEM technology uses KOH as electrolyte.

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