Hydrogen benefit calculator

The Hydrogen benefit cost calculator shows the possible income through hydrogen production with renewable energies. If

Hydrogen Heating

Hydrogen Mobility

hydrogen as technical Gas

Backup Power with hydrogen

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

is economically viable depends on your local energy prices. These Prises can be filled in the hydrogen benefit cost calculator individually.

Can you safe money with Hydrogen cars, Hydrogen trucks?

Fill your fuel costs, maintenance costs and running costs in the hydrogen benefit calculator. Take the costs for the electrolyzer, the hydrogen storage and the free hydrogen fuel on the other side of the equation.

See if the investment in hydrogen is a win for you


dynamic Energy cost calculation through inflation and hydrogen investment with interest


Both the dynamic Energy cost calculation through inflation and hydrogen investment with interest are taken into account in the hydrogen calculator. At the end the profitability of your hydrogen project depends mostly on your prognosis. Will their be another oil war, are the foreign affairs safe in the future or will the fossil companies just be charged for the environmental impact. This will determine if your hydrogen project was a good investment.

Should you change to hydrogen 2024?

Never in History energy prices reached this high level and the tendency is quite clear right now. One single event in the fossil supply chain can separate the winners and looser of hydrogen economy. Those who are prepared with photovoltaics, batteries, and electrolyzer won’t worry and might earn good money with hydrogen.

crise d'énergie, Wasserstoffaktien

Calcultate your personal Hydrogen benefit cost analysis for your decarbonisation. If you want we can check your calculation.

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