Hydrogen heating – cheaper than heat pumps

The hydrogen infrastructure should be affordable. Thus hydrogen heaters should be cheap and make an easy first step toward the green hydrogen transition.

On many events about hydrogen scientist would say that it is to bad to heat with the noble recouse green hydrogen. The losses through energy conversion will make heating with hydrogen unaffordable.

What the scientist might forget is the initial invest for the working class. If you you compare the invest in a heat pump with a hydrogen heater you will find out stunning informations.

wieviel Strom kWh für 1 kg Wasser

Which components are necessary to heat with hydrogen?

Let’s say you got money for the electricity you offer to the grid from your pv-panels for the last 10 years. Hopefully your invest has payed of. Nowadays the FEED-IN tariffs go towards 0. So a battery will keep you from wasting money. You use the electricity by night. Still you might have excess power on sunny day and a lack of energy on cloudy days. Then you need a long term energy storage through hydrogen. Therefore you need

  1. Electrolyzer
  2. tank, cylinder

In northern Europe a big part of energy consumption is in heating

You would not believe that there a people using resistive heating the regenerative Energy like wind and solar proudly. Electricity is the noblest form of energy, because it can be transformed into information, mobility , cooling and heating. Batteries can not store big amounts of energy for a long time. That’s is where the hydrogen comes in handy.

How much does a hydrogen boiler cost?

In 2024 Heat pump suppliers will charge 1.500 €/kW AC. You can expect a 20 kW hydrogen boiler under 10.000€. For a first cost estimate of hydrogen boilers take 500 €/kW hydrogen.

What did we pay for our experimental catalytic hydrogen heater?

Boiler manufacturers where so slow in development, that we had do experiment ourselves. Feel free to read our article on discussions with manufacturers back in 2022

katalytischer H2 Kessel, mit lokaler Energie CO2 frei Heizen (green-energy-scout.de)

Can I take a propane catalytic heater and use it with pure hydrogen from PEM electrolisis?

We bought a propane catalytic heater in a building supply store for 150 €. It claims

Heizkörper Ergänzung mit Wasserstoff
an 11 kg propane bottle holds 27,2 liters at 30 bar, thus contains 810 liter of hydrogen. these bottles can be filled with the volks-electrolyzer
  • highest safety through Oxygen sensor, thermoelement and thermal switch
  • no need for a chimney
  • off grid
  • comes with electromagnetic ignition
functioning of catalytic heating and its risks

You should now be aware, that the energy density of hydrogen is much lower than fossil fuels. Therefor an 11 kg propane tank filled with hydrogen will only heat for three hours, but can be refilled with self produced hydrogen for free.

How to convert an of the shelf catalytic space heater to hydrogen

You turn the hydrogen space heater upside down. Bend the pilot flame towards the top.

THE HEATER IS NOT MADE FOR HYDROGEN. We do not recommend to use it.

catalytic hydrogen space heater
cheapest heater in 2024
Ein Katalytofen mit 4 kW kostet 150 € und funktioniert mit Wasserstoff
Hydrogen oven

The surface temperature is around 100 °C and there are no emissions.

Only use this in ventilated rooms for oxygen supply. DO NOT USE IN CAMPER VAN without vent.

the fast and easy alternative to expensive heat pumps for space heating

Heat pumps are more expensive than hydrogen boilers

This experiment has proven, that the technology and the cost for catalysts can not be the reason, why hydrogen heating are not on the hydrogen market yet.

The reason why you cannot buy a professional hydrogen heater yet is because you do not produce hydrogen yourself. 😉

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