Make Hydrogen from only 11,999 $

If you want to produce hydrogen, you need an electrolyzer. The electrolyzer from Germany contains valuable precious metals and can produce 160 nl per hour of hydrogen.

Thanks to metal hydrides, hydrogen can be produced and stored in titanium powder at low pressure.

If necessary, the hydrogen can be taken from the storage tank. In the process, the valuable gas desorbs quite constantly. If you want to load and discharge the hydrogen very quickly, thermal management is required.

Check out the prices for metal hydrides in the International Hydrogen Price List .

How can I make the best use of solar power if I don’t have a purchase?

Peak shaving refers to the capping of load peaks of volatile renewable energies. The H2 molecule is then split from water by electrolysis and can  be stored indefinitely.

How much does it cost to produce hydrogen?

We offer kits to produce hydrogen. It contains all the components to produce hydrogen. If necessary, the electrolysers can be assembled in workshops or assembled at an additional cost. Technical data can be found here.

They get the People’s Electrolyzer Space:

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