Migrate Solar Management systems to hydrogen measurement and control unit

Hydrogen management systems have the same duties the solar controllers have. A major part of costs comes from software developments. That is why the should be as easy as possible. The VOLKS ELECTROLYZER is regulated mechanically, because these are more trustworthy, fixable and long lasting machines. But lets take the positive impact of digitalisation and use hydrogen management systems for redundant hydrogen process surveillance.

Automated function of hydrogen management

The most important function of a renewable energy setup is the load management. Let’s say the batteries are full, the consumers are supplied but the sun still shines. Almost every inverter and charge controller on the market have the load function or the generator function wich can be used to switch on the electrolyzer for excess PV.

connect Energy Management to electrolyzer

The electrolyzer can be switched on by the so called PV-Smart port of Inverters or by dc charge Controllers.

Hydrogen production with Fronius Energy management

We suggest using DC directly to the electrolyzer to reduce converter costs and inverter conversion losses. The Fronius Smart Meter shows the energy charts and flows. It can activate an electrolyzer for excess solar or wind.

Battery storage and Hydrogen storage can be monitored with Fronius products.

Victron and Hydrogen implementation in the cerbo gx

We use the Victron Cerbo GX to manage off grid hydrogen applications. A Hydrogen leak detector which senses hydrogen around the electrolyzer is compatible with the cerbo gx. Of corse it would also be possible to use a Raspberry pie for the hydrogen management, but the cerbo contains all the necessary features to run an electrolyzer and a hydrogen energy storage safely. Online surveillance through the portal is possible.

Wasserstoff mit Victron
Wasserstoff an Wechselrichter

The temperature of the electrolyzer, the pressure of the hydrogen tanks and all the solar and battery relevant information can be surveyed remotely through the VRM Portal.

For Prime service clients there is the option of remote support.

Smart electrolyzer management system
pressure sensors and hydrogen sensors work with the cerbo gx

SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 for hydrogen upgrade

Also the sunny home manager can switch loads. The SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 can activate the electrolyzer.

Which Battery Storages are H2 ready?

The Volks-Electrolyzer exists in a 12 V and 48 V Hydrogen generator version.

BYD Batteries are hydrogen ready

The BYD BATTERY-BOX PREMIUM LVL (2021) with a nominal Voltage of 51,4 Volt is suitable for hydrogen electrolyzers direct DC systems. If the 12 Volt electrolyzer wants to be fed by this battery count on 500 $ converter costs.

LG Battery Storages are not Hydrogen ready

The LG RESU FLEX Lithium BATTERIES work with high voltages in ranges of 200 V. The bigger the voltage difference between Source /(Battery) and Drain (Electrolyzer) is, the more expensive and loss full the converter.

Temperature surveillance of electrolyzers

The PEM 1 kW electrolyzer should be preheated at the beginning. When the hydrogen production increases, heat can be recovered through the heat exchanger in the electrolyzer.

Measurement and Control of hydrogen compressors

In order to compress hydrogen to 7000 PSI, the compressor has to be switched on when the PEM Electrolyzers pressure of 700 PSI is reached.

The hydrogen compressor shouldn’t be clocking and should work to long. Therefor a pressure sensor or a pressure switch with several setpoints is needed.

PEM Elektrolyseur mit Wasseraufbereitung von Leitungswasser ohne Kalilauge, Gastrocknung, smartes Wasserstoffmanagement und Wasserstoffverdichter in kompakter Bauform
Die Version 1.2 der Kompaktelektrolyseur mit Schwarz lackiertem Frontpanel und Stundenzähler, natürlich made in Germany

In 2023 the volks-electrolyzer switches this purpose mechanically through a pressure gage switch (the right gauge in the picture above). The cerbo had connectivity problems or update issues from time to time.

Electrical sensors are much cheaper though.

Would you trust your electrolyzer be managed electronically?

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