Why we need Hydrogen?

Why should you make hydrogen?

On this Axis we have the power – let’s say it’s 10 kilowatt, could be one megawatt.

On this AIS we have the time, could be a day, could be a year.

abgeschaltete erneuerbare 2022, Gaspreise steigen
Gemäß Bundesnetzargentur wurden 56 % der Windkraftenergie abgeschaltet

Feed in Tarifs are a Story from the past

When we started with solar our consumption, which is the white line here was always higher than our renewable production.

The grid could always take our photovoltaic electricity.

The more people will get on the boat and produce at the same time renewable energies,

the more the consumption is getting lower in comparison to the production, and we will have the loss in green.

schematics of a solar wiring diagram with inverter
the own consumption of solar electricity is behind the ac inverter, which switches of with overproduction

AC Grid-Tied-Inverter switches of

At a certain point the grid will not be happy to have our production and what most people don’t know: your AC inverter will switch off when the frequency of the grid Rises.

You wouldn’t even be able to use photovoltaic electricity in your own house!

That’s where the Volks electrolyzer jumps in it is a flexible DC load it produces hydrogen and compresses it into hydrogen cylinders can be stored forever.

It can be sold you can make money with hydrogen or use the energy whenever you need it.

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