Download Sketchup for free, from a safe private server

No monthly fees, no hidden costs, download sketchup for free. It is the best and most intuitive drawing program. The 2012 is a sketchup version you install on your computer and can safe you cad projects on the hard disc. With sketchup you can still import from the sketchup Library through the collada file format.

Download Sketchup for free now, for your DIY project

It is 3d, fun and has all the features you need to draw your DIY project. Back in the day sketchup was a free software and everyone could download it for free. Now sketchup is only available as an online tool.
We provide this 3d design software also for our customers, to check out if our electrolyzer fits in their spot.

Sketchup free is not free

If you are working in remote places where internet data is precious you need sketchup to be installed on you computer and work offline.

You can download sketchup for free here without installation wizard and viruses

Download sketchup make 2012 2015 without commercials and tricks. Just because we like this program. Big thanks to google sketchup for this awesome CAD software.

Download sketchup free now. This is the german sketup make version.

If you are Interested in technology, energy and hydrogen

Check out our affordable DIY pure Hydrogen Kits.

Acheter de l'hydrogène vert, download sketchup free
Wasserstoff selbst herstellen