Increase PV benefit by knowing how to make hydrogen

No matter how much PV you have or the PV efficiency, there are times you aren’t there to use it where you could make solar hydrogen rather than wasting precious electricity.

solar hydrogen
solar hydrogen can be produced when energy demand is lower than PV production.

How to make hydrogen?

Making hydrogen got so easy. Actually hydrogen production will be the energy storage of the future. The Industrie is making hydrogen from fossil gas since centuries. For private persons or small and Medium business it was too expensive. No making hydrogen is affordable. Especially because many already invested in Photovoltaics and Batteries.

But let’s talk about details how to make Hydrogen

Plug in the solar directly into the Volks-Electrolyzer, which is connected to tab water and some hydrogen storage tanks and make hydrogen yourself. Every now and then, depending on the use you have to change the gas drying silicagel.

The Volks-Electrolyzer has a compressor, filles the hydrogen cas into bottles with 4000 psi pressure.

From the on the hydrogen stores energy for whenever you need it.

There are multiple uses of hydrogen. One which is not discussed widely in media is to use hydrogen in a gasoline or cng combustion engine.

What happens if you do not make hydrogen?

Imagine your electric battery is full, the sun is shining and you are not at home. If you are connected to the grid, you feed in electricity to the grid. If you are off-grid you losse it all.

Imagine also you could make hydrogen in your summerhouse, while you are gone, or your camper van with pv on the roof will make hydrogen while it waits for new adventures.

Mostly your eccess solar energy will depend on the feed-in tarif or the incentive

In the UK the feed -in tariff 2022 is between is about 2-6 cent per kWh. When you buy electricity from the grid in the UK you pay £0.28 per kWh or let’s say 30 cents per kilowatt hour.

In the USA it varies a lot from state to state. Check the incentive in your state here.

In Washington, where the electricity is 10 c/kWh cheap you get low incentives of 2-6 c/kWh.

In California the electricity price raised by 17% to 26 c/kWh you get approximately 17 c/kWh.

You get this feed-in tarif only for an eligible Solar size of 30 kW-3 MW. I wonder what happens for all those who have small PV System.

the result is you lose money with feed-in tariffs

here in Germany it is even worth because german electricity is very expensive with up to 40 c/kWh and you get nothing to 5 c/kWh for Solar electricity from the grid.

You could make money with solar hydrogen though.

open up your own hydrogen fuel station and cell hydrogen. The hydrogen is sold very expensively in bottles. More than 100 $ per Kilogramm of hydrogen is normal. More information on Bottle prices in the article about Hydrogen economy.

For Fuel Cell cars hydrogen is sold for about 13 $ per kg.

So you get minimum 39 c/kWh for your hydrogen. About 30 c more than from the electric grid

Hydrogen is used for welding for stainless steel and many other applications like gas chromatography.

But even if you use the hydrogen yourself you have more money than the feed in tariffs give you.

The Volks-Electrolyser Community helps to connect Hydrogen producers with hydrogen consumers.

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