uses of hydrogen, let’s talk about the best hydrogen car

First of all we differentiate between fuel cell and hydrogen car. We will show other major uses of hydrogen than for cars. You wouldn’t believe how many applications for hydrogen in our daily lives exist already.

A normal engine can use hydrogen instead of gasoline

Truly the efficiency and the reach is not equal to the fuel cell vehicle. The efficiency of burning hydrogen in a combustion engine is 35 % kinetic energy. A fuel cell can have an efficiency between 40 and 60 percent. But as far as all Electric Vehicle drivers know, there is a significant difference between the electricity you pay and the battery capacity that you get. Up to 10 % loss for charging Lithium Batteries.

The fuel cell car goes through a lithium battery for peak loads, like acceleration.

The fuel cell car loses 10 % on the battery, so that it's efficiency is only 5 to 10 % better than a hydrogen combustion engine

And then, compare this efficiency gain with the cost of the fuel cell car.

pik up hydrogen powered car
converted gasoline engine with multipoint injection runs on hydrogen

The cost to convert an of the shelf gasoline car to a hydrogen car is about 8,000 $

We are talking about technology which is used for decades in CNG cars. Put some gas bottles in the trunk, another filling nozzle and a new injection system that is it, to make your beloved car a hydrogen powered car.

We should NOT throw away ALL working combustion engines.

If you prefer an industrial pressurized gas driven car – this video about hydrogen car could be interesting for you.

What is the best hydrogen car?

The best hydrogen car is a hydrogen powered car which

you do not have to produce because it already exists.

never forget the fossil energy it takes to manufacture a car.

Think about refurbishing your car to hydrogen!!! ☺

Is the hydrogen at the public hydrogen fuel station green?

certainly not. hydrogen fuel stations sell hydrogen from steam reforming of fossil gas. The U.S. Energy Information Administration shows that, 3,000 Million Cubic Feet per day are produced by petroleum Refineries.

When you make hydrogen with fossil gas you emit a lot of CO2.

That leads to the best hydrogen car which can be an old DODGE with a AdBlue filter for NOX emissions , which fuels up with green homemade hydrogen.

green Hydrogen fuel stations

In both cases fuel cell cars and hydrogen powered combustion engines need hydrogen fuel stations. Believe it or not, but you can have your own hydrogen fuel station at home. It is a small peace of equipment called an electrolyzer. Ther amount of hydrogen your wanna store is up to you. But it is only green if the electricity used is from renewable energies.

hydrogen home refueling
the cheapest way to fill up your hydrogen car at home

Private Hydrogen gas stations are nice, but where does the hydrogen come from

Renewable Energies are the base of the idea. If you have PV on your roof it is very likely that sometimes you don’t use all the electricity produced by the sun. The excess electricity is used in a small electrolyzer.

The electrolyzer produces the hydrogen for your hydrogen fuel station.

How much does a home hydrogen Fuel station cost?

Prices are published in our Members Area. You can become a member for free and have access to the entire hydrogen data base.

Can I buy a hydrogen fuel station

If you are sure you want to buy a hydrogen fuel station and you want to get it quick, than we suggest to get write us an e-mail soon.

Production takes mostly one year, so feel free to share these news. Thanks in advance!

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But there are more uses of hydrogen

actually a third of the residential energy consumption in North America comes from heating.

Of corse a lot of hydrogen can be used in craft like metal and glas work. but more about that, later.