The cheapest complete hydrogen system with 6 – 9000 kWh storage capacity

The PEM electrolyser produces hydrogen at a pressure level of 30 bar without an additional compressor. This is completely sufficient to load the metal hydride storage tank. If the metal can absorb the hydrogen overnight, no thermal management is required. This is because when a hydride hydrogen storage tank is charged, the storage system cools down.

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size of a metal hydride cylinder in comparison with hydrogen steel containers

6 kWh access Photovoltaic energy storage

This affordable yet high-quality hydrogen system comes with a 6 kWh energy storage system. Unlike lithium batteries, the battery can fill an unlimited number of gas cylinders with hydrogen without the storage management reaching its limits.

Any number of kWh can be stored. The largest gas cylinder filled with titanium powder can store 30 kWh and is just one meter high. (170*1086)

For example, if you put ten hydrogen bottles under the canopy, you can store 300 kWh of solar power in it, which you would otherwise lose.

What investment should I expect for a hydrogen storage system?

With this hydrogen storage system, the investment costs are very low, as no compressor is required for the hydrogen. The investment depends largely on the storage size.

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