Price for Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage?

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size of a metal hydride cylinder in comparison with hydrogen steel containers

Metal hydride hydrogen storage cylinders can hold much more hydrogen than other hydrogen storage possibilities like high pressure steel cylinders. The metal hydride canisters for hydrogen are small in size and portable, thus perfect for mobile applications.

We are so excited to have the first price for a market ready metal hydride hydrogen storage. But the prices for hydrogen storage solutions are only one part of the equation.

Durability, contaminants, recyclability and of course the energy density are important factors for metal hydride hydrogen storages.
Here I use the metal hydride canister, because it dispenses the hydrogen at almost constant pressure

The price of metal hydride cylinder is the biggest drawback

This phenomena that solid metal can bind hydrogen atoms is known very long. Every once in a while a startup recovers the hope in an energy dense hydrogen storage. Sadly they haven’t gotten widely used in the hydrogen economy, even though they are available on the market for decades.

energy dense hydrogen storage
hydralloy c15

The first metal hydride storage cylinder manufacturer answered our questions.

They offer for example a hydrogen cartridge with the equivalent of 3000 liters of hydrogen stored in a bottle only 2 feet long with a diameter of 15 cm.

What Metals are used in metal hydride hydrogen batteries?

The experts answer was:

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