Volks-Electrolyzer VE SPACE

The VE-Space is designed for hydrogen beginners. It can be used with low pressure vessels. LNG tanks can be filled with this hydrogen generator. The Energy density in such tanks is low and the needed SPACE is hight. Thats why we named this electrolyzer SPACE.

The VE H2 SPACE comes with the lowest price

Still it comes with the usual high quality components and the excellent technical data of Volks-Electrolyzers PEM Stacks. With 40.000 hours it is long lasting and a good investment.

high quality electrolyzer
VE Space 30 bar

Never again, waste solar energy-make green hydrogen instead

The Volks-Electrolyzer VE H2 Heat is small und durable hydrogen generator. It is used in multi purposes: Hydrogen for businesses, hydrogen for countryside houses, farming, hydrogen in agriculture…

30 bar or 435 PSI hydrogen is pressurized by the electrolyzer itself.

ModelVE H2 Space
H2 Flow Rate(NL/hr)160
efficiency kWh hydrogen/ kWh electricity0,57831325
kWh/d 11,52
kWh/a max kWh4204,8
€/h with 12,5 €/kg0,17976
O2 Flow Rate NL /hr80
Catalyst Coating TechnologyIridium
kWh/Nm3 (estimated) efficiency5,1875
H2 Pressure Bar30
H2 Pressure PSI435,1131
O2 Output Pressure Bar1
H2 Purity99,999
Water RequirementDeionized
Water Consumption ml/h756
Inside Active28,3
Mashine Size  in mm400*350*550
Input Current Amp A63,3
Power Watt W/kWh830
Single Membrane Voltage V13,4
weight (without water) kg26,63
Membrane BrandNafion
Cell Using Temperature °C70
Lifetime h/Cycles40000
H2 Port Size1/4′
O2 Port Size1/4′
Price € nett18000
Price / Nl/h €/W hydrogen112,5

The perfect electrolyzer for those where space doesn’t matter

Rural areas