Hydrogen in LNG Tanks, Propane and Butane bottles as H2 storages

Can you store hydrogen in LNG Tanks? Here are my thoughts about that.

8 million pascal of pressure or 80 bars and hydrogen.

That can be pretty dangerous.

I just took this footage to show you how 80 bars that looks like when something goes wrong. It can look much different if a propane or butane tank filled with hydrogen cracks.

Please take care.


1. Why should we use hydrogen in propane tanks? 1

2. About materials and hydrogen embrittlement 1

3. little bit thermodynamics: pressure and temperature 2

3.1. What is the filling pressure of Propane? 2

3.2. What is the filling pressure of butane? 2

4. LNG Tank with hydrogen 2

5. how to make hydrogen 2

6. Hydrogen application 3

6.1. Hydrogen stove 3

6.2. Run a Generator on hydrogen 4

  1. Today I’m going to talk about why we should store hydrogen in gas tanks.
  2. About materials and hydrogen embrittlement
  3. about little bit thermodynamics: pressure and temperature
  4. how to make hydrogen
  5. the last chapter will be an Outlook about Hydrogen applications

I will show you some applications like a gas cooker a hydrogen barbecue hydrogen generator and a big, combined heat and Power Station.

Why should we use hydrogen in propane tanks?

It’s just because they are available, I got mine for free. Hydrogen in LNG Tanks is just one step in the hydrogen conversion.

About materials and hydrogen embrittlement

This slide is part of a technical drawing for a special cylinder made for hydrogen and that of course gets expensive.

But we can learn from this technical drawing. This was certified for 300 Bars but here also we have the burst pressure that is 480 Bar which can be a rule of some 1.5 times the certified pressure is the burst pressure.

and then about hydrogen embrittlement

Because if we think about hydrogen as a smallest molecule and there’s a tiny little crack cranny crevice however you would call it in the metal crystal structure hydrogen will just put into and as you know.

pressure is always perpendicular to the surface it would also be perpendicular to the crack and maybe enlarge this crack until the bottle bursts.

Austenitic Steels Rusting Steels are better for hydrogen but anyway this is a certified hydrogen bottle and it’s made of 34 Chrome Molybdenum 4, and it has the impurities of sulfur phosphor and so on of 0.0%.

Here you see that hydrogen and CNG cylinders are made of exactly the same material.

little bit thermodynamics: pressure and temperature


The other thing is pressure and temperature. So, if let’s say we fill the bottle at temperature one of 10° and the temperature rises to 20° C what happens with the pressure?

Yes, it doubles! Pressure two will be 20 bars. So, keep your bottle cool. That’s the theory. Let’s get going let’s get some entertainment footage.

What is the filling pressure of Propane?

The pressure is mostly written on the bottle. This is a Propane bottle and as you see here you can fill it up to 30 bars.

What is the filling pressure of butane?

That has just to do with the evaporation pressure of this uh gases and for butane the evaporation pressure is about two bars or something like that. Butane bottle can hold up to 12 bars.

LNG Tank with hydrogen

Here this LNG tank contains about 5 cubic meters.

It is in a temperature range of 20 to 40° it’s from 2007

you can think about minimum thousand cycles. That means thousand times you can discharge this to one bar and recharge it to 15 bar you can have 3,000 cycles and more if you discharge less than 100 % but uh just take the rule of Thumb: If your container has more than thousand Cycles is very old, I don’t use it for hydrogen!

Of course, the lower the pressure is, the bigger this cylinder must be. This is about 10 m long and is only a 10 bar uh pressure tank. It contains less than 300 kWh of energy.

how to make hydrogen and how to fill Hydrogen in LNG Tanks ?

That’s the way I make the hydrogen. Power on. This is just a circulation pump set on two.

The deionized water is in. yeah, it’s just filtered. It’s Tapwater. The PEM electrolyzer is preheated to 61 °C. You can also cold start it if you want. But then, you will have a very little Amperage.

Oxygen coming out of the electrolyzer which is underneath this insulation.

Then increase the amperage and wait a little. I spare you that 4 minutes and accelerate by 25 times.

The electrolyzer runs at 495 watts or 60 %.

then compress this few minutes’ worth of excess solar energy and you have 120 L of hydrogen.

Fill the hydrogen via this hose into this bottle.

And this bottle is actually what we see here just with a pressure regulator.

I open this valve before I really tighten the end of the hose, because I want the air to escape from the hose.

The pressure regulator has a set screw. I can set the secondary pressure and I do it up to 10 bars.

Then I tighten this connection at the butane tank. just I’m okay with a little leakage before that and then I open the butane tank.

I just do that until the sound disappears.

At the end of filling the butane tank, close all the valves again.

Now I’m going to show you how I use it it’s very easy I have a gas stove

Hydrogen application

There are a lot of propane and butane application wich can be run by hydrogen easily.

Hydrogen stove

For Hydrogen stoves a flash back arrestor and a hose break safety valve is recommended. Switch the hydrogen of at the botte after every cooking presses. Just in case there is some Hydrogen diffusion in the gas hose.

Here with a lighter I just try to make the flame visible.

I don’t know what was going on this day, but I couldn’t see the flame

Then I put a Pot with water on the hydrogen stove.

It boils little slower because I use a conventional 250 mbar pressure reducer.

I use this flashback valve for low press application I have another one for high pressure applications. These are the pressure reducers you find in the applications. Here we have a catalytic heater. I will make a video on that so if you are interested in that subscribe to the YouTube channel.

This is an interesting pressure regulator you can put it directly on the butane bottle and then set the pressure up to four bar and these run around 250 millibars which is somewhere around there but the volumetric energy density of hydrogen is less.

Run a Generator on hydrogen

You can increase the pressure thus the volume going through and so you can have a similar Wattage. For instance to run a generator on hydrogen. Or if you are working on a bigger scale, we can feed a combined heat and power station which runs on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas.

It has just been modified and sensors have been attached for research.

These are just my experiences working with green hydrogen. Hope this is useful for you.

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