What’s inside a regenerative Fuel Cell / reversible electrolyzer stack.

Many know the experimental toy with a regenerative fuel cell or a reversible electrolyzer to be powered by a little solar cell. You could save a lot of money if you would just need one hydrogen stack.

It could make electricity when you need it and make hydrogen if you have surplus energy. If you want to know the fuel cell prices and electrolyzer prices of 40 international hydrogen manufacturers, get the new international hydrogen price list:

regenerative fuel cell

this is a fuel cell stack. The process is: you get electricity and water out when you put hydrogen and oxygen in

it consists of plates, gaskets and membranes and it has an anode and a cathode.

Reversible electrolyzer

this is an electrolyzer stack: the process is electricity and water go in and hydrogen and oxygen go out.

it consists of plates, gaskets, membranes.

and an anode and a cathode

Where to buy a regenerative fuel cell with plenty kW?

The question is, if an electrolyzer and a fuel cell have almost the same components and the process is just the different way, is it reversible?

Can I get electricity out of an electrolyzer, when I put hydrogen and oxygen in or can I get hydrogen out a fuel cell, if I put electricity in.

And the answer is yes.

There are reversible stacks and even my PEM electrolyzer, after it ran for a couple of hours and produced hydrogen and oxygen, there’s a voltage on anode and cathode where you see the probes here until the oxygen and the hydrogen is gone.

Using an electrolyzer as a fuel cell damages the reversible electrolyzer!

It is very important, not to have this voltage and this process going, because it damages the PEM electrolyzer.

So, we have a short circuit relay, which short circuits the electrolyzer.

If we look at a fuel cell here, we have carbon plates, we have a flow field where gases flow in optimal manner along the membrane with different catalysts. Here we have titanium high pressure stack, with a metal mesh and different gaskets and different catalysts with different prices. We see both are very specialized on either a gas or liquid or the output.

A bigger scale reversible fuel cell does not exist for now

It is not really possible to have one stack for both!

I hope you found that interesting.

Thanks for your interest.

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