your chance to see a working electrolyzer at the hydrogen demo day in Stralsund

This unique hydrogen event will take place in Stralsund Germany the 18th of May. Only selected person have the chance to attempt the hydrogen demo day.

For potential customers we organize a hydrogen demo day, where you can see the electrolyzer making hydrogen gas. You will hear the oxygen bubbles and recognise that that there shouldn’t be any worries having electrolysis around.

While on a trade faires the hydrogen equipment is switched off, we can show you that the volks-electrolyzer work safe and efficient with your excess solar.

showcase hydrogen
See an electrolyzer work

You are loosing renewable energy

Whether the energy is abundant when you can’t use it or you have not enough renewables, so that you have to buy grid energy, an electrolyzer is the component which is missing.

Is electrolysis safe

You have doubts if electrolysis is safe and worth it? The number of electrolysers who sell to privat persons is small and the material for hydrogen storage is expensive.
After you have seen the hydrogen generator doing it hydrogen production and hydrogen compression cycle for a couple of times you might laugh about your former fears.

You wanna be sure and see a working electrolyzer

You can come to the hydrogen demo day. Not only your scepticism might be eliminated also you can enjoy likeminded people on the hydrogen demo day.

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