Wind curtailment: $40 million could have been avoided. They don’t know how to make hydrogen

It seems the grid companies do not know how to make hydrogen. The numbers in the title are some fun facts of the Union Concerned Scientists about wasted Wind Energy.
It would have been great to great green hydrogen rather that turning of Wind Farms from Texas to North Dakota.

abgeschaltete erneuerbare 2022
Gemäß Bundesnetzargentur wurden 56 % der Windkraftenergie abgeschaltet

It is so easy for a private household to produce hydrogen

the price for solar has drastically reduced. A house owner a small business, everybody can put up a wind turbine or some PV-Panel. And now it is really easy to produce hydrogen.

How to make hydrogen

with the VOLKS-ELECTROLYZER you just plug in the Solar cable into the tiny hydrogen generator box. Connect it to a rainwater tank and you can start making hydrogen. Of course you need an hydrogen tank or pressure cylinders to store the hydrogen, but rather than that it very easy.

one example how to make hydrogen

Solar Panels, a battery, an electrolzer and you can make hydrogen
How to make hydrogen

to make hydrogen you need a big south facing roof or a wind turbine. A charge controller charges a battery. In this example we use Redox Vanadium Flow batteries because they function well with the steady demand of small electrolzers. The electrolyzer needs water to produce Hydrogen gas.

We answered some Questions about the Water in the Q&A. In hydrogen cylinder the gas is stored and used for instance in a gasoline car wich is converted to hydrogen.

uses of hydrogen, let’s talk about the best hydrogen car (

How much does an elctrolyzer cost?

Prices are published in our Members Area. You can become a member for free and have access to the entire hydrogen data base.

Can I buy a hydrogen fuel station

If you are sure you want to buy a hydrogen fuel station and you want to get it quick, than we suggest to get on the preorder list for only 300 $ as quick as possible.

We start the production with 100 order, so feel free to share these news. Thanks in advance

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