Reduce electrolyzer cost drastically by oxygen recovery!

Hydrogen electrolyzer cost is high due to noble metals. You can see all the international electrolyzer and fuel cell prices in the members area. While hydrogen is harvested in electrolysers oxygen is left over on one side of the membrane. For every liter of produced hydrogen half a liter of oxygen escape without use.

use oxygen from electrolysis
Sauerstoff von Elektrolyse nutzen

The oxygen problem with hydrogen appliances

Thinking of the difficulties of fuel cells, the oxygen supply through the ambient air is a challenge. The Oxigen percentage of ambient air can vary and the byproducts like dirt and dust can harm the fuel cell efficiency. To run a hydrogen fuel cell with constant pure oxygen and pure hydrogen supply will lead to a great improvement of efficiency.

Also, for hydrogen combustion engines and simply burning hydrogen the nitrogen in the air is bad. Nitrogen oxides must be reduced from ambient air by AdBlue or urea addition.

What is oxygen worth? Can Oxygen use reduce electrolyzer cost?

Pure Oxigen for welding, forging or medical use is sold at around 2 cents per liter. The volks-electrolyzer produces 160 liters hydrogen and 80 liters of oxygen an hour.

QuantityVolumePressureLitersPrice €€/lRent per Day

The technology to compress oxygen is like the compression of hydrogen. As a producer of electrolysers with oxygen harvests, we suggest hydrogen and oxygen production to scale up the hydrogen economy. The first electrolyzer should concentrate on the hydrogen production cost. With the first revenue some customers want to scale up their hydrogen production.

Increase electrolysers efficiency by using the byproduct oxygen.

The Volks-Electrolyzer is stackable. The second electrolyzer can be branched in a way that the hydrogen of two electrolysers runs through one compressor. The oxygen from electrolysis is used in the second box also from both electrolysers.

The revenue can be increased by 1.168,00 € per year by using the oxygen from electrolysis.

The value of the produced hydrogen by 2 Volks-Electrolysers is 3.489,53 € per year. By compressing the o2 or oxygen you can earn up to 4.317,40 €

Per year.
lithium ionen made in germany
Solar Wasserstoff Carport kann Energie langfristig zyklenfest speichern

That increases the return on invest of PEM Electrolysers a lot. The hydrogen electrolyzer cost reduction is very important to us and our customers.

For PEM Electrolysers Oxygen recovery is simple while AEM Electrolyzer have to deal with aggressive KOH leftovers in the oxygen stream.

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